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Tech Seminar: Pet CPR and First Aid

This course will begin with teaching basic pet CPR, including practicing techniques on CPR manikins for cats and dogs.  This course will also cover various first aid techniques, triage from the front desk all the way to the kennel, and how to handle certain situations in the veterinary clinic. You will learn how to make a first aid kit for yourself and how to guide your clients to be prepared for emergency situations. Fear free training on how to approach injured animals will also be discussed. By the end of this seminar, you will have a strong handle on first aid and triage and receive a certification in CPR and first aid!

Dr. Lisa BoothSpeaker Bio:

Lisa Booth, DVM

Dr. Booth has experience in small animal veterinary practice and emergency medicine. After completing two years of pre-veterinary studies at Purdue North Central, she continued to Purdue Lafayette and graduated from Purdue in 2000 with her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree. Dr. Booth has been teaching Pet CPR and First Aid since 2002, and belongs to the ASERT (animal suveillance and response team) of Northwest Indiana. Dr. Booth is also very involved with animal welfare in Northwest Indiana, where she volunteers her time weekly with Lakeshore Paws.

Dr. Booth has received many commendations from local fire and police departments for her instruction in animal safety. She runs a not for profit organization called Kits for K9's. She spends her time traveling and training K9 handlers in CPR and first aid for their working dog. She also provides each K9 handler who takes her course with a first aid kit. Dr. Booth takes no payment for these classes and all the money that is donated to this organization goes straight to supplies that are included in the first aid kits. Dr. Booth lives in Westville with her husband, two wonderful and adventurous boys, two happy dachshunds, and one great dane.

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